"Birthday Blowout This exciting game will have you trying to catch your breath from laughter! Players try to blow out the tricky candle-shaped lights on the ""cake"" as fast as they can to move up to the next level. But watch out! These candles are tricky and sometimes might flicker and relight, so players will have to keep blowing until the candles all go out. Blow out the most candles to win the game. Tricky Birthday Candles Be fast and be persistent when blowing out the birthday candles. Players take turns trying to blow out all five breath-activated candles on the pretend birthday cake before the music stops. It might look easy, but these aren’t ordinary candles. The candle-shaped lights are quite tricky and will sometimes flicker and relight, so players will have to keep blowing until they stay out. Whoever blows out the most candles wins the game. Race Against the Clock At the start of the game, all the candles light up and begin flashing to the music. The center of the ""cake"" flashes colors and randomly stops on a color, designating that player's turn. That player blows on the lighted candles to make them spin and go out. If a candle flickers and relights, it has to be blown out again. Level up in this race against the clock as the music plays faster, and center of the cake flashes to show that time is running out. The player to blow out the most candles before the music stops wins the game. Family Fun Game Bring the excitement of a party to most occasion with the Birthday Blowout game! The colorful candle-shaped lights, exciting music, and unpredictable gameplay make this a great game for everyone in the family. Enjoy the silliness of trick candles without actual flames and a colorful ""cake"" that can be used over and over again."


Brand Disney Princess
Shipping Weight 0.5600kg
Shipping Width 0.270m
Shipping Height 0.270m
Shipping Length 0.060m

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