"Jenga Pass Edition Take gameplay ""off the table"" with the Jenga Pass Challenge game. Stack Jenga wooden blocks on the platform to build the tower. Players then take turns removing one block at a time while holding one of the platform handles. After each player takes a turn, they pass the tower to their opponent. Be the last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash to win! Stack and Pass Can you handle the challenge? It's similar to other Jenga games but this edition features a platform with 2 handles and a stabilizing stand. Players stack the tower on the platform to start and then lift it up to begin the game! Players must remove one block at a time and stack the tower. Once a block is stacked, that player then must pass the entire platform to the next player without letting the tower crash. The last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash wins the game. Who's Up for a Challenge? Who is the real Jenga Pass master? The game guide includes additional challenges so players can show off their stacking, pulling, and passing skills. Try the Flamingo Fumble and pass the stack under one leg, or the Blind Block and pull the blocks without looking. Try all 10 challenges, or make up original ones! Be a Pass Challenge Champion The suspense builds as the tower gets higher and higher but that's just the beginning of the excitement. Players have to have a steady hand as they hold the platform while pulling out the blocks. Phew! That went smoothly but now it's time to hand the tower to the next player. Hold on to the handle of the platform while passing it along, but don't get hasty! It won't be counted as a successful turn until the handoff is complete and the other player is the only one with hands on the handle. Who will be the true Jenga Pass Challenge champ?"


Brand Nerf
Shipping Weight 0.9900kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.110m

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