Pit Shout out and swap cards fast in this fast-paced commodity trading game. After the cards are dealt, the Pit game gets players shouting and swapping all at once as they try to collect 9 matching commodity cards. It's a rapid-fire exchange until one player completes their set and rings the bell to win the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the game. Collect Matching Cards Ready, set, go! At the ring of the bell, everyone plays at once. Players trade cards from their hands as they try to collect 9 of the same type of commodity. Cards feature fun and colorful illustrations of commodities such as sugar, coffee, corn, oil, and gold. Without revealing their hand, players hold up the cards and call out how many there are that they want to trade. They can trade with anyone holding up the same number of cards. Got 9 of a kind? Ring the bell to win the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the game. Advanced Game With Bull and Bear Cards Try the advanced gameplay and add more risk to card trading with the Bull and the Bear cards. In this version of the game the Bull is a wild card, the Bear is bad news, and players have to pay attention to the numbers on the cards as they go for points. Bull and Bear cards can be traded alone, together, or in combination with any commodity. The game guide includes rules for this advanced gameplay, plus the standard gameplay for younger players. Swap and Shout There is no such thing as taking turns in the Pit game as players can imagine the fast-paced frenzy of buying and trading commodities. The dealer rings the bell to start the game and everyone tries to collect and swap commodities at once. Play an advanced version of the game using Bull and Bear cards, or younger players can play the standard game with fewer cards. The game includes an easy-carry plastic storage case with built-in bell.


Brand Nerf
Shipping Weight 0.2100kg
Shipping Width 0.160m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.060m

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